1. Kaleidoscope

From the recording Shine

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Vocals: Becky Foster
Guitar & Orchestration: Paul Munns
Bass, Piano, Percussion & Orchestration: Chris Taylor
Written by Paul Munns

Produced by Chris Taylor & Paul Munns at Bluebarn Studios 2013


My moon it starts to dance around ten thousand stars.
I complete paperwork, my office south of mars.
I drive a car that’s hot, across a blue lagoon.
I’m spinning like a cog within its engine room.

Then I fly like a bird, so high – clouds on the ground.
And without parachute, I break the speed of sound.
Two thousand cine screen’s, fill up my cinema.
I take the stand for counsel, back up to the barre.

The sun is pouring down.
The rain is beaming bright.
Is it morning for me?
Or just another night?

A mushroom cloud of people turning into me.
The queen of every nation, actor, judge and priest.
My gardens crazy now, those trees have arms and legs.
And all the flowers grown have long since gone to bed.